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Other things you can do.

The Minoxidil 5% Extra strength hair regrowth treatment obviously takes a little time to work so there are some other useful things you can do to help with hair growth and hair loss prevention, while using Minoxidil 5% Extra strength hair regrowth treatment..

1.Try and Eat lots of protein. Hair is made of protein.Tip: Soy has been shown to make hair strong makes it grow.

2.Eat good quality foods,this will optimize growth in the hair.

3.Live a stress free life,try out Yoga,maybe meditation,walks outside,on the beach ect.

4.Scalp massage has been shown to help hair regrowth by bring blood to the hair follicles and      thus aid hair growth.

5.Look after your hair,try not to use hot water on your hair,don’t use straighteners,and blow dryers on really hot setting.

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